4. kewkitty:

    Kitty does not know what to do with the butterfly that landed on its paw…LOLOL

    "Ermmm…what do I do with this???"

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  6. thievinggenius:

    Tattoo done by Delaine Gilma.


  7. phiphiohara:

    In my opinion this is so ridiculous! What upsets me even more is the fact that some of the contestants that are complaining about it didn’t have a problem being on the show or getting their fame and success knowing this was part of show. Never was this intended to offend anyone or upset anyone. I love the transgender community soooooo much but I have to say “SheMail” had nothing to do with you until some of the transgender community made it about themselves. I understand how as a community some feel this brings the community and the view of gender identity harder to accept but in all reality you are what you answer to. If you feel the word does not represent who you are then it shouldn’t bother you to begin with.

    The show has created such a place for the LGBT community in this world. It has made it ok for us to be who we are and has shown the world we are not freaks and we deserve love just like anyone else in this world. The show has not only had transgender guests but many prior contestants that are transgender and have done nothing but given them love, support, respect and catapulted their career plus given them a voice that may otherwise have been silent or not as loud had it not been for a show that gave them support. This subject saddens me because it is our community that has decided this word describes who we are and considers it a negative.

    I support the transgender community and have so many close friends that I love dearly. I want a world that accepts everyone for who they are and who they are meant to be. I

    Bummed to know about this :(

  8. fashion-runways:

    Guo Pei Couture Fall/Winter 2010 Collection

  9. fashion-runways:

    Guo Pei Couture Fall/Winter 2010 Collection

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